Gmc coe truck history

The name GMC celebrates a milestone anniversary in 2012, 100 years after the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the Reliance Motor Company became part of General Motors. Early GMC trucks were actually re-badged vehicles built by both companies. It is astonishingly the last one known to be left of its kind, and there were only 10 of them ever made. The last known to be left will bring back special memories and 20 th century history to our present day. It’s a 1937 GMC Streamline, a Rainier beer and ale delivery truck. Like we said in the title, this is the mother of all COE trucks and someone needs to buy it so the original owner’s vision can get seen through. To break down what you are looking at here, we have a 1950 Chevy COE cab that has been stretched with an additional four doors and a raised roof. GMC Truck History: William Durant started the General Motors Corporation (GMC) in 1908 with the vision of acquiring a variety of car and truck companies. His first purchase was the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, followed by the Reliance Motor Car Company, which were eventually merged to become the General Motors Truck Company, or "GMC Truck". 1957 Dodge COE. 1958 GMC Fleet Option Truck. 1959 GMC Small Window Step Side Truck. 1956 Ford COE. 1959 Chevrolet Apache 4x4. 1956 Ford F-100. 1951 Studebaker.