Jenvey airbox

TWM makes an airbox for the triple weber set-up provided you have the short intake runners. ... Garrett t3t4 turbo,jenvey throttle bodies,emerald stand alone 320cc ... Motorsport engineering service. Distributors of Jenvey Throttle Bodies, Bosch Motorsport, Emtron, Variohm Eurosensor, Chassissim lap simulation software, Magneti Marelli, Motec, BF1 Systems, Souriau connectors, Cat Cams, and Pipercross Filters. With a particular focus on all forms of circuit racing from club and state level to international motorsport. Jenvey Dynamics Ltd. Motorsport Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies, Throttle Body Kits and Induction Systems Delivered straight to your door. I believe this is the cause of the dip at 8000rpm, but of course I can’t be sure until we get back on the dyno for more testing. It would stand to reason that tuning the length of the inlet hose to the airboxes will affect the power – as you can see the torque peak moved to the left after the addition of the airbox and intake hose.