Oscam 11518

I have the same problem. Since I have the new parameters in the OSCAM 1.20 (rev: 11431) inserted, sporadically freeze all channels. only after reinstalling the CAM do they work again. Does one have an idea why it is? The oscam.dvbapi and oscam.whitelist are not present in the config. Oct 20, 2013 · How to install OScam on your Dreambox / VU+ / Azbox or all the other Enigma 2 boxes Kickoff for using OScam as softcam client or server. Posted by Jeroensky on Oct 20 2013 15:51 habe ein sammlung von oscams die ich teilen möchte : oscam-11532-arm_dream-emu.zip oscam-svn11513-arm_dream-webif-emu.zip oscam-svn11513-arm_dream-webi Oscam Cccam Configs Diskussions , fertige Vorschläge zu Configs - Page 115 Apr 17, 2019 · I have just done a Software Update that installed a new Softcams folder in Downloadable plugins that lists 14 of the latest Softcams including oscam-stable 11518 that should work with the 19.2E DE channels.