Video compression in android source code

The Android source tree is located in a Git repository hosted by Google. The Git repository includes metadata for the Android source, including changes to the source and when the changes were made. This page describes how to download the source tree for a specific Android code-line. Hey, I have just begun with android development, I admire this course, could you please complete it so that I can learn more. If you do not wish to continue, could you send me the source code and also allow me to approach you in case of any doubts? Thanks in advance Google, Apple, Facebook messenger apps are free communication chat apps spread out in the world. Still, we lag on security, chat utilities and tracking the particular details. Android supports devices with 512 MB of RAM. This documentation is intended to help OEMs optimize and configure Android kernel 4.4 for low-memory devices. Several of these optimizations are generic enough that they can be applied to previous releases as well. Android kernel 4.4 platform optimizations Improved memory management