React nested list

How to open a selected nested list on Material-UI? I have a code in React where I have two list menus that have nested menus. class Nav extends React.Component { state = { open: false }; In the above, a string is a node in the tree, and any lists that follow it are subtrees rooted at that node. What are some of the ways by which this can be converted into a graph (or more concretely, a list of DirectedEdges)? I've come up with one way, listed below. This is useful for lists that are loading content in both directions, e.g. a chat thread, where new messages coming in might otherwise cause the scroll position to jump. A value of 0 is common, but other values such as 1 can be used to skip loading spinners or other content that should not maintain position. Here is a list of the best training institutes for learning ReactJS: Zeolearn; Udemy; Lynda; PluralSight; Coursera; Among these React.js training providers, Zeolearn has become the top choice of developers with years of experience. They stated the following reasons for it: